Thursday, December 2, 2010

There are no magic numbers here

Have you ever seen that “by the numbers” thing in the newspaper? I love that. Love trivia--little nuggets of useless information that I can retain in my poor wee brain, squeezing out all of the more important stuff. Since I was a little light on blog topics this week, I have created a “by the numbers” list of my own. (Thanks to my local newspaper, from whom I ripped off the idea.)

The number of copies I nearly (accidentally) made at work yesterday. I needed two.

The number of dog paws in my house.

Approximate weight, in pounds, of the mulch, gravel, and leaves that 12 dog paws track into my kitchen on a daily basis.

The number of ounces in the bottle of saline spray I have been huffing for the last two weeks in an attempt to open up my clogged sinus passages.

Advil Congestion Relief pills I have taken because the saline spray wasn’t working. Now the pills aren't working.

Firemen who responded to my 911 call when I was trapped in a car wash.

6 – 12
The number of months, according to some website that I can no longer find, that it will take for me to grow out my pixie haircut.

Estimated number of times I will want to shave my head while I am growing out my short haircut.

Amount of money that it would take for me to ride a motorcycle. (Seriously. Petrified of those things.)

The number of leftover Thanksgiving desserts I ate the other day—after consuming my little Weight Watchers-approved bag of veggies. (Pumpkin pie, dark chocolate cake, and cranberry cinnamon cheesecake. All yummy.)

Pounds I gained from eating leftover Thanksgiving desserts.

Days left until my church Christmas play, which is currently occupying all the parts of my brain that aren’t all full of trivia. 

I was just finishing up my list, when I was brutally reminded of another:

Approximate number of times a day that I get poked--by a dog paw--in that one spot on my belly that is still sensitive from surgery.

And now: 2:20 until I can go snuggle in my warm bed. It's snowing outside, and I don't like it, y'all.