Tuesday, January 13, 2009

There's More Here than Just Chicken, You Know

This post was originally supposed to be about an annoying commercial. The local morning news program that we watch airs this incredibly irritating Goodwill commercial about 10 times a day, and I hate it. (In case those commercials are shown in other places besides Kentucky--it's the one where the Goodwill truck driver is sickeningly smug. What does have to be smug about, anyway?)

I digress. When I started planning this post in my head, I did a YouTube search to see if anyone had added that Goodwill commercial. I entered "Kentucky commercial" as my search term, which produced a couple thousand results. To my dismay, almost all of them were commercials for Kentucky Fried Chicken.

Now, you won't find me joining the Kentucky tourism promotion groups anytime soon. I've lived here all my life, and it's not necessarily a bad place. There is a lot of beautiful scenery, the whole horse thing (if you're into that), and some pretty interesting historical sites. But, even though we have a lot of nice things to look at, I've often wondered what brings people here from cooler places. Still, I'm sure that there is more to recommend us as a state than a chicken chain! We may have our faults, but we deserve more than just a perpetual association with artery-clogging fried fowl and an old guy in a white suit and string tie.

You may ask what I intend to do to remedy this situation, and help boost my fair state's reputation. Well, since I'm pretty lazy, probably nothing, except for cultivating my righteous indignation. I'm certainly not going to boycott KFC in protest, because their popcorn chicken is really tasty.

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