Tuesday, July 14, 2009

What does your Shuffle say about you?

Okay, I gotta be honest. I saw this meme on Facebook, and I thought it looked like fun. I was going to just post it to my Facebook, but then I realized that it was high time that I came up with a blog post and, frankly, I was way too tuckered to write anything. But! I have a (sort of) good reason. I volunteered for some new responsibilities at work, and, between those and returning after ten days' vacation, my poor wee brain is so overwhelmed that I am simply not capable of coherent thought tonight.

So, here's the deal: the instructions said to set my iPod to Shuffle, and list the first 15 songs and artists that come up. I think this is supposed to tell you something about me. (Besides the fact that I'm too lazy to write a real post, that is.)

My Shuffle
"Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)" - U2
"SexyBack" - Justin Timberlake
"Think of Me" - Phantom of the Opera soundtrack
"Desire" - U2
"Summer Wind" - Michael Buble
"When Love Comes to Town" - U2
"No Action" - Elvis Costello
"Kissing A Fool" - Michael Buble
"Green Shirt" - Elvis Costello
"Wild Boys" - Duran Duran
"With or Without You" - U2
"(I Don't Want to Go to)Chelsea)" - Elvis Costello
"Only the Good Die Young" - Billy Joel
"Cavalleria Rusticana: Intermezzo" - Pietro Mascagni
"View to a Kill" - Duran Duran

As you have probably guessed, I'm kind of all over the place musically. I'm not going to tag anyone, since I always feel guilty when I don't do memes. But, if you would like to use this idea on your blog, feel free! And, I promise at least one actual post before I start teaching Vacation Bible School next week. (Shudder.)


Jason said...

Great site man. I was wondering if we could possible exchange links. Let me know what you think about my humor blog.


JD at I Do Things said...

I may do this. I've seen another meme where you answer questions using your Shuffle to pick a song title. I don't have any Michael Buble, but we have U2, Elvis Costello, Duran Duran, and yes, Phantom of the Opera AND Cavalleria Rusticana in common!

absepa said...

Jason: Thanks for commenting! I'll be checking out your blog soon.

JD: I'm such a sucker for memes! I like doing them and reading other people's answers equally.

Wow...we seem to have similar eclectic taste in music. How many people do you think have Cavalleria Rusticana on their iPods?

Jeff said...

I like your song list, especially the Elvis Costello stuff. He's one of my all time favs.

btw... My sister-in-law lives in Prestonsburg and we used to go there every year for Easter, but haven't gone much since her kids got all growed up and moved away. Just thought I'd throw in my KY reference.

Also... THANK YOU for putting my Virus Stompers widget up. It looks fabulous on your sidebar... don't you think? :-)

absepa said...

Jeff: I didn't know you had a KY connection! I was in P-burg once for business...it's a nice place to visit, but a little small for me. I'm more of a city girl. :)

No probs with adding your widget. It does look great--Daniela's work is awesome.

Jeff said...

Uh yeah... "small" is a bit of an understatement. But believe it or not, that was a step UP from where they used to live!