Monday, November 3, 2008

Exhibit #4,876 in My Case Against Bugs

So, I had to go to a nearby small town today for a meeting. The meeting was completely pointless, and a waste of time and gas, but at least the scenery on the way back to my office is really pretty. I had good music playing, and I was all set for a nice drive back--until I felt a tickle on my leg. It was a SPIDER! On my leg!! And I was in heavy traffic!!! I commenced my usual bug-flinging routine/fit, until I was pretty comfortable that I had flung it out the window. Whew. Okay, back to the music...gorgeous day...beautiful leaves...AAGGHH! Spider on my HAND!! More wild hand-flinging, some unintelligible ranting, and it disappeared--under my seat. At every stop on the way back, I was checking under my seat (and on my arms and legs) for the cursed monster. Man, I hate bugs. And the worst part? It's still in there!

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