Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Lord, Please Save Me from the Pies...

I am at home, completely alone, with these:

Two warm, fresh-from-the-oven, HOMEMADE pumpkin pies. Oh, yeah. No Sara Lee pies for me,'s homemade all the way. (Except for the crust, because I don't know how to make scratch piecrust.)

Oh, and I've eaten about a quarter of this, just trying to get it into the container:

The Husband and I both love homemade cranberry sauce, but both of our families prefer the serve-in-the-shape-of-the-can, jelly kind. So, I cooked up a batch of the good stuff for us to have with our leftovers. I could eat the whole thing in one sitting.

We don't host Thanksgiving dinner, so my work is pretty much done. I have to make a corn pudding tomorrow morning, and then just concentrate on trying not to eat so much that I become ill. My office had a breakfast potluck on Monday, and I'm still feeling the effects of it. That + two huge meals tomorrow = BLEURGH. I'll probably be rolling around on my bed in misery by this time tomorrow.

I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday...try to be nice to all the family members, keep the Rolaids handy, and remember that we have a month to lose all the weight we gain tomorrow, before the Christmas portion of the Eating Season. Happy Thanksgiving!


Kathy said...

I'm being stalked by the Pie Monster as I write. There are two Chocolate French Silk beauties in my fridge at the moment. I think if I just go to bed, they can't find me.

I'm not hosting either, which is good. No leftovers hanging around and my sister can't make me take Tupperware containers full of her stuff. "You made it. You eat it."

Good luck!

absepa said...

Kathy: Chocolate French Silk pie? How have I never heard of this?? It sounds incredible, and very dangerous. Going to bed is probably a safe option, unless you're one of those people who eats in their sleep.

We will have leftovers, unfortunately...both of the moms insist on it. I must try to be strong.

Kathy said...

You probably never heard of it because I suspect you actually make your own food! My pies came from Perkins Restaurant and they're the best, so sweet and the crust is perfect. I'm lazy and I don't make excuses for not baking my own pies. They wouldn't come out right anyway. I failed last night and ate a slice before bed (a small one, tho).

Be strong and I will, too!

JD at I Do Things said...

I have to chime in on the French Silk pie issue. We get ours from a similar place: Baker's Square. Luckily my brother is in charge of that, so I don't have to face the temptation of pie in the fridge. But it is THE BEST pie in the world. (Tho I bet your homemade pumpkin is a close second.)

Have a wonderful, stomach-ache-free Thanksgiving!

JD at I Do Things

absepa said...

Kathy: Actually, I hardly ever cook anything--if "meal" food is cooked here, my husband does it. Most of the time, I eat Lean Cuisine dinners or soup. I do LOVE to bake, though, so I usually make dessert when we have big family meals. Maybe I can try to find a recipe for this French Silk Pie...

JD: Now I must try this pie! Having read yours and Kathy's blogs, I know that you guys value desserts as much as I do. I trust your opinion about a delicious pie. I hope you had a great holiday, too! (I did manage lunch at the in-laws without a stomach-ache. One more meal to go.)