Monday, February 23, 2009

This Just Made my Day

I was killing time this afternoon, waiting for my husband to finish up work so we could head home. (We carpool, which generates enough confrontations to merit their own blog post.) Having perused all the new posts in my Google reader and checked my email accounts, I was amusing myself by re-reading JD's archives at I Do Things So You Don't Have To, when I noticed something interesting. Namely, that my humble little blog had been included on JD's "I Read These Blogs" list!

JD, I am touched and honored and all kinds of other goopy emotional things. And now I'm really going to have to step up my game, since I'm hanging out there with great bloggers like Jeff, Kathy, and a bunch of other really cool folks.


JunkDrawer Kathy said...

Oh, you're such a sweetie! You don't have to step up your game. You're already there!

Oh, and I get all goopy too. But that's because I dribble food on myself a lot. I gotta check into the bib thing.

JD at I Do Things said...

Kathy's right! You're one of my favorite blogs, so in the blogroll you go. AND I think you deserve to be read by more people, so if my little ol' blog can point a few people in your direction, that would make me very happy.

Don't worry about stepping up your game. Just keep it up. You're doing fine!

And thanks for the nice shout-out. Now I'm all goopy!

absepa said...

JunkDrawer Kathy: Thanks! The kind words are much appreciated. Tide pens work wonders for those goop problems, btw.

JD: Thanks so much for the encouragement! I also appreciate the exposure, since I am clearly too lazy to do much promotion for my blog. Need to work on that.

Aw--we're all goopy! Group hug!

JunkDrawer Kathy said...

Hey, did you ever consider joining Entrecard? If you really are as lazy as you say, it might not help. But I have to say my daily traffic doubled because of EC and I found a ton of new great blogs to read and lots of people found me, too. I think you would be a perfect candidate for it and you would increase your readership. You deserve to have more people find you.

Pop me a note if you want some help with EC. JD actually turned me onto it. We can both give you some advice.

absepa said...

JunkDrawer Kathy: I have considered joining Entrecard, and did some reading about it. My biggest concern was that I wouldn't have time to make it worth my while. (I'm probably not quite as lazy as I claim to be.) I also thought about joining Humor, but they had a couple of things in their instructions that I lack the skillz to do. I really would like to have more readers, tho, and I doubt that it's going to happen on its own. Thanks for the advice--I may check into Entrecard again.