Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A Lame Post is Better Than No Post, Right?

Over the past 5.5 hours, I have:

-Done a PT session
-Finished the grocery shopping for the week
-Stopped by the hardware store for a new dog-poop containment system (aka 5-gallon bucket with a tight-fitting lid)
-Picked up husband at work
-Calmed dogs from end-of-day wildness
-Put away groceries
-Fed dogs
-Fed self
-Spent 90 minutes cleaning the backyard: poo pickup, reset landscaping fences that had blown down, cleaned out a dryer vent that was blocked with dead leaves
-Took dogs out
-Put out clothes for tomorrow for both of us
-Done 20-minute home PT exercise session; realized that the step I use at PT is four inches high, the step in my house is seven. That explains the leg cramps.
-Cleaned up dog toys
-Washed face, brushed teeth, got settled on sofa
-Checked email and Google reader; discovered that an old co-worker has a really funny blog; did 25 Entrecard drops
-Wrote this lame blog post

Whew. I promise less lame-ness later in the week, when I've had time to catch my breath.


Shawn said...

Regarding the title, that's what I assure myself every day when I hit the Publish button.

JD at I Do Things said...

I don't know why, but I actually enjoy reading every little mundane thing people do in a day. Believe me, your day was a lot more exciting than mine.

absepa said...

Shawn: I know--me, too. I feel like some posts are less lame than others, though.

JD: I enjoy reading about the minutiae of other people's lives, too. I think it's because I am INCREDIBLY nosy.

Carl said...

And during the 5.5 hours, you didn't hit the bathroom either. Superman! Now give yourself a big ol' bear hug!

absepa said...

Carl: I left that part out--I figured people wouldn't want to know THAT much! I will give myself a hug, though.

Kathy said...

I'm exhausted just reading that. I need a nap now. And you clearly need an assistant.

Hey, I haven't had a new post since Monday, so I might have to steal your idea.

absepa said...

Kathy: I don't move at that pace all the time, but I would not argue if someone offered to be my assistant. First assignment: dog poo pickup!

Please feel free to steal away. I may have stolen the idea from another blog in the first place!