Tuesday, October 6, 2009

So what is Eeyore, a werewolf?

Ah, it's that time of year again. Autumn is my favorite season. The leaves are changing color, the weather is getting cooler, the scent of fireplace smoke is in the air...and the Halloween people are decorating with reckless abandon. I don't have anything against Halloween, but I'm not really into it, either. Dressing up is a lot of trouble, and we don't usually hand out candy because it makes the dogs go nutball for a solid two hours. I have a fall-color wreath for the front door, but that's pretty much the extent of my decorating. Some of the people in my neighborhood, though, are REALLY into it.

I was passing by one of those homes yesterday when I saw it. This is far from the most macabre Halloween decoration that I've ever seen, but it was still kind of disturbing:

What this inflatable says to me is that either: a) Winnie the Pooh has a dark side that none of us knew about; or b) Pooh (like pretty much everyone else in the free world) has been sucked into the Twilight phenomenon.

Now, I can't claim to be an expert on ol' Winnie by any means, but I read the books and watched the TV shows when I was a kid. I feel pretty comfortable in my assessment of Pooh as a gentle, slightly goofy kind of guy who likes to hang out with his buds and nosh on honey. So, whether he has truly embraced the bloodsucking lifestyle, or he's just another one of those emo vampire posers, neither of those personas really fit with Pooh's traditional reputation. Pooh's pretty lazy, so I just can't see him putting forth all that effort to chase down victims and do the whole neck-biting thing. His general outlook on life is sunny, and he doesn't really have the sort of depressive, poetry-writing nature that I associate with emo kids. The more I think about it, though, Eeyore kind of fits that image. So many questions! Of course, there's a better-than-average chance than I'm putting WAY too much thought into my neighbor's lawn decoration.

So, what kind of decorations have you seen in your neighborhood? Do you decorate your lawn? Do you find vampire Pooh disturbing, or cute? (By the way, "vampire poo" was one of the auto-complete searches when I was checking Google for that photo. Part of me really wanted to look, but I resisted.)


JD at I Do Things said...

That Vampire Pooh is all kinds of wrong. What kind of mixed message are we sending to kids?

And don't think I'm above Googling "vampire poo."

absepa said...

JD: I just couldn't believe that enough people had searched for "vampire poo" to create an auto-complete entry. I didn't look, but I have to admit to some curiosity.

Jeff said...

If you ask me, inflatable *anythings* are a copout. If you're going to put up decorations you need to either bust your butt making them or risk your life putting them up. But just taking them out of a box and plugging them in is dumb. But of all the inflatables, the vampire makes the most sense to me. You know, because they're alive at night and they lay there dead in your lawn during the daylight.

Ok, now there's a better-than-average chance than I'm putting WAY too much thought into this comment.

absepa said...

Jeff: I'm not really very into the inflatables, either. It's okay that you put too much thought into your comment; I enjoy feeling like my blog makes people think. :)

kanishk said...

What kind of mixed message are we sending to kids?

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