Thursday, November 12, 2009

The unbearable cuteness of noms

It's Thursday night, and I've been writing a blog post in my head all week, looking forward to writing something funny. But, by the time I got home from work, I was tired and kind of stressed and bummed out, and I didn't think I had any funny in the tank. Still need to blog, though. So, to brighten my spirits a bit, I turned to something that can always make me laugh--my dogs.

We don't feed our pups much people food, with a few exceptions. One of those is spaghetti; I can't explain it, but these dogs go nuts for plain, cooked pasta. A few weeks ago, I used my fancy cell phone (that I'm still trying to learn to operate after fve months) to take a video of the pups eating spaghetti, because it's sooooooo cute. And then it hit me: if a video of Patches, Sebastian, and Abby nom-ing spaghetti can make me laugh, you might like it, too. Hey, a blog post!

Honestly, I can't believe I even figured out how to upload the video to YouTube. (Note: It's pretty bad quality, and I'm a pretty bad videographer.) I promise to have a funny post next week; but, in the meantime, I hope you enjoy:


Kathy said...

They like it because it's curly, crazy food! Funny!

Hey, I haven't had a funny thought in my head all week, hence the reason I haven't posted since Sunday. Yikes! Help!

I have cats, but they never do anything funny on cue. I'm sunk!

Daisy said...

Now I want to nom some 'sketti!

JD at I Do Things said...

HAHAHAHA! And, Awwww!

They're so cute! Abby's got a loud "nom," doesn't she? Or maybe that's 'cuz she was closest to your phone.

Thanks for sharing. Nothing says cute like doggies nommin' on some noodles.

texasholly said...


absepa said...

Kathy: My dogs aren't really funny on cue; they're purely motivated by food. If no treat is offered, they're totally not interested in performing.

Daisy: You should check with your Mommie about the 'sketti--I don't know if it's good for cats!

JD: Thanks! Abby was nom-ing pretty loudly, wasn't she? Spaghetti is a huge deal for them.

Texasholly: Thanks! And thanks for reading!

Surfie said...

Aw, it's just like Lady and the Tramp. Except without the meatball. :) My furbabies would never have waited so patiently for their noms!

absepa said...

Surfie: I've actually thought about trying the Lady and the Tramp thing, but I'm afraid it could get ugly. They're usually pretty nice to each other, but they love their noms. Thanks for commenting!

kanishk said...

If no treat is offered, they're totally not interested in performing.

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