Friday, March 26, 2010

The inexplicable pickle

Saw something really weird a couple of days ago. I’ve been thinking about it ever since, and I still can’t come up with an explanation for—well, wait. Let me give you the back story, and then we’ll get to the bizarre part.

Mr. Nerd and I both work for our local government. We work downtown, and we ride together to save money. We park in a typical downtown parking garage—dimly lit, a little smelly, narrow spaces, you know the kind of place. A couple of days ago, we ran home at lunchtime to let the dogs out. When we got back to work, we found a great parking spot--which is no small feat, since several hundred cars park in this garage. I jumped out of the car and headed for the exit, but noticed that Mr. Nerd was hanging back. With his cell phone camera out, taking photographs. Being of a very curious nature, I had to see what he could possibly have found to photograph in the parking garage. It was this:

A jar of pickles. A one-gallon jar of those enormous, whole-cucumber-size pickles. Sitting, unopened, next to a concrete pillar in a downtown parking garage. What. The. Heck?  When we left work that evening, it was still there, untouched. That was two days ago, and it's STILL there. We’re completely mystified. Who carries pickles around with them? Who would bring a giant jar of pickles to work, and then leave them in the parking garage?? So many questions.

Unfortunately, unless one of us runs across a co-worker who happens to be snacking on a massive pickle, we’ll never know. The Leaving of the Pickles will become just another of the mysteries of the parking garage. Like why that one space is always filled with a deep, murky puddle, even in dry weather, or who left the pile of pink Pixie Stick dust that appeared one day by the exit door. Who knows what secrets lurk in the shadows of the parking garage? Well, except for that one corner that always smells like pee. It’s pretty clear what’s been going on over there.


Kathy said...

What the? I can't even venture a guess. But now I want a hot dog from Pete's, where they stick a pickled in with each dog.

Please keep us up to date on the status of the jar. Maybe it'll be like Windy and you can have a party for it at the one year mark. (BTW, she turns two in a week and a half. There will be another party.)

Surfie said...

Ooh, you can make a "Found" poster with a picture of the jar of pickles and post it all over your workplace. Maybe some poor absentminded soul is bemoaning the loss of their jar of pickles because they just can't remember where they set the darn thing down. :)

Anonymous said...

I must say that is kind of weird.I like Surfies idea of a found poster.

absepa said...

Kathy: I actually thought about keeping track of the pickle jar like you have with Windy. I will be checking on the pickle status tomorrow. And happy two-year anniversary to Windy!

Surfie: Do you think someone just forgot it? It seems like it would be really hard to forget that huge jar of pickles, but I can't think of any other (sane) explanation, either.

suzicate: If it's still there, I might have to make up a poster. I'll let everyone know what happens.