Tuesday, May 25, 2010

This might be rarer than Sasquatch...

A couple of weeks ago, I posted a rant about some butt-ugly shoes I saw at Off Broadway, which I dubbed "floots" because they're kind of a boot/flip-flop hybrid. Since then, I've seen them in all the shoe stores, but never on an actual person. (Maybe because they are, well, butt-ugly?) But my sharp-eyed blog buddy Cardiogirl had a sighting! She wrote a hilarious post about it, complete with an awesome illustrative doodle. You should go read it immediately, because it was nine kinds of awesome. Thanks, cg...that totally made my day.


Do you ever have a dimwit week? If so, is there a cure, or am I going to be an idiot forever? All week long, I've been answering my work phone and completely forgetting what to say. On Sunday, I bought a dozen eggs so that I could make a pineapple upside-down cake for work...then left the eggs in the car for six hours. When I was baking the cake earlier this evening, I realized (too late) that I had bought the wrong kind of cake mix...and boogered up the liquid/fat ratio beyond all recognition. If you can offer any suggestions to help my poor brain, I would really appreciate it. I'm off to Kroger to buy more cake ingredients.


cardiogirl said...

Gosh, thanks absepa! If I hadn't read your post I never would have noticed Floot Wearer in Yellow. I am curious to see if they start showing up around town.

If I ever see a pair walking about at Meijer or Walmart I'll know Armageddon has commenced.

Hmm, now on to your brain issue. I believe this is Spring Fever by Association.

This week and next are chopped up by Memorial Day weekend,as you know, and my kids' last day of school is next Wednesday.

So naturally things are winding down and everyone is half-assing it over here. I believe, via our cyber connection, that you are experiencing Spring Fever in absentia.

The bad news is that this will not abate until Wednesday, June 2.

The good news is that this malady will end and you'll experience feelings of overwhelming joy at 11 am EST on June 2.

absepa said...

cg: Thank you so much for diagnosing my disturbing brain condition! I will look forward to June 2, so that I can return to my usual (somewhat) less addle-brained state.

JRT Mom said...

Hey! Just an update to the floot story.

We were in Charleston, SC, this past week and I actually saw a girl (skinny, small, tiny young thing...) wearing a pair of Floots! Now, it being hotter-than-it-needed-to-be in Charleston, I could only think, "gosh, those must be hot..I bet her legs are sweating." But, girls that age, in that income level, do not care about sweating...style above all else.
They are ugly. They were ugly on her. Yuck.

absepa said...

JRT Mom: Dang, I still haven't had a floot sighting! This is almost enough to make me want to go to the mall. I bet she did have sweaty ankles. :)