Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Insert Obligatory "DWTS" Commentary Here

It's become my Tuesday thing, I can't help it. Here are my thoughts from last night's show:

  • I really fear for Lance after last night's tie score with Cloris. I know that her fan base is HUGE (heck, I'm one of them), but I think Lance has the potential to be a great dancer if he just gets a few more chances to show it. He's such a cutie, it's a shame that that "worst dancer in N'Sync" thing is still hanging over his head! And I don't fault Lacey--she's a really good choreographer, I think she's just having some trouble pinning down what the judges are looking for, since she's new. I told myself from the beginning that I wasn't going to waste money voting, but I just had to send a text for Lance last night.
  • HOW did Maurice Greene do that backbend? Were these stars just in pretty good shape to begin with, or do the pros have some kind of amazing training secrets? The way Cloris was doing leg extensions last week, it looked like she was WAY more flexible than me. And she's 82! It makes me ashamed of my laziness when it comes to exercising.
  • Okay, okay, Brooke is good. I grudgingly acknowledged her samba last week, but there was no denying that jitterbug last night. She is really good.
  • What about little Cody Linley?! I thought his jitterbug was great, too, but I was kind of nervous for them at first. In the rehearsal footage, it looked like he wasn't strong enough to pull off all those impressive lifts. I was afraid he was going to drop Julianne on her head!
  • What was up with Corky's pants? My sister called me, simply cackling over his sparkly high-waters. Very strange wardrobe choice.
As usual, I won't be watching the results show tonight, because of Fringe. Thanks to ABC's excellent website, however, I can catch the full episode tomorrow night. Very nice work, ABC. All fingers crossed for Lance!


Ames said...

I'm so glad Lance got to stay. However, I want Cloris off there. She's really depressing to watch. If he grabs her boobs one more time I'm going to hurl, literally. I was kind of bummed that Toni left, I don't think she deserved to leave.

absepa said...

As much as I've been a fan of Cloris's career, I'm ready for her to move on, too. It's halfway through the competition, time for some serious dancing, and I don't think she can cut it. I was bummed to hear about Toni, too--I thought she was doing a good job. Susan should have been the one to go, I thought. But I guess she has a massive, rabid fan base from all those years on All My Children, and they're all voting for her. Yea, Lance!