Monday, October 27, 2008

I've Been Threatening It...

So, I have the laptop out, and guess what's on TV? That's's my favorite guilty pleasure, Dancing with the Stars. I think I'll give that "live blog" thing I threatened to do a couple of weeks ago a shot. I'll post comments throughout the show, or until I get tired of it. Please forgive me if you hate this show, I just can't help myself.

8:03 pm - Good Lord, they have Michael Flatley as a guest judge. I loved Riverdance so much, but he's just a really annoying little fellow. This should be interesting.

8: 05 pm - Gosh, I wish I was as flexible as these professional dancers. Cheryl Burke moves like she has no bones. I think Maurice may be a little too stiff for the waltz--he seems to do best on fast dances.

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