Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Link Love

A few weeks ago, I added a list of some of the blogs I read here, in order to try and help spread the word about some of the great writers out there. If you're a personal friend, and I didn't include your blog in that list (Hi, Amy and Holly), it's not because I don't think your blog is good! It's just that I'm hoping to get added to the list at Humor Blogs soon, and I didn't want to put your personal blogs out there for everyone to see, without your permission.

So, with all that explained, I would like to spotlight what is quickly becoming my favoritest site on my blogroll:

I Do Things So You Don't Have To

JD is hi-freakin'-larious. I feel kind of a weird kinship with her, because we have several odd little tics in common: fear of birds, a tendency toward explosive and unstoppable sneezes, and a burning hatred of public toilets, among others. In addition to all the stuff that has made me double up laughing, I've learned a lot from her site, since she posts helpful blogging tips as well. I like the site so much that I've read through the complete archives--including comments--twice. Oh, and that's another thing: when you post a comment, JD answers, which is just too awesome. I had never read a blog where EVERY comment gets a response. In short, I think everyone needs to go to this site immediately and read every word. It's just that good.

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JD at I Do Things said...


Thank you so much! Now that is what I call link love! What a wonderful write-up. Seriously -- you have made my day. I have the stupidest grin on my face. It's people like you that make blogging so much fun and so worthwhile. Thank you for the shout-out. You are awesome! And it does indeed sound like we have a lot in common! I'll definitely be checking out your blog to find out more.

JD at I Do Things