Monday, August 24, 2009

We got the look, we got the hook, etc.

Well, not "we," really. Just my blog. 'Cuz I need a haircut, and I've gained a couple of pounds of birthday cake. But check out my blog--it really is cookin'!

The first birthday of Nerd in the Corner is coming up in a few days, and I decided that a new look would make an excellent gift. I shopped around, checking out different blog makeover sites, for a couple of weeks before I made my decision. I went with Designed by Leslie because I liked Leslie's portfolio, and her prices are very reasonable. There's a bonus, too: Leslie is a teacher, and she uses all the money she earns doing blog makeovers to buy supplies for her classroom. How cool is that? Not only does my blog look hawt, but Leslie's kiddies will have more things for their class. Win-win! Thanks again, Leslie!


Don't worry, JD...I still plan to explain the whole shoe/school supply obsession. I just thought my cool new look deserved its very own post. Check back tomorrow for part two of my self-indulgent nostalgic musings about the first day of school.


JD at I Do Things said...


I wasn't expecting a new look!

Happy Almost-Blog-Birthday. I agree: this definitely deserved its own post. Leslie does nice work. Now pass the birthday cake.

absepa said...

JD: Thanks! I was really pleased with how it turned out. Virtual birthday cake will be coming your way, on Saturday!