Monday, August 10, 2009

Don't it make my blue/green/grey/hazel eyes...brown?

It seems like I've been seeing a lot of commercials featuring actress/model/Tom Cruise baiter Brooke Shields lately. I totally understand why these companies would want her as a spokesperson; she's in her early 40s, and she looks great.

(Photo courtesy of ivillage)

While I don't have anything against Brooke (well, except that whole Blue Lagoon thing, and I don't blame her for that because she was really young), I am frankly terrified by one of the products she's touting. It's called Latisse, and it claims to make your eyelashes grow. You smear it on your lids every night, and your lashes are supposed to grow "thicker and darker." Sounds fairly harmless, right? Well, watch this, and see if it freaks you out, too.

The scary part comes at 0:39. In case you missed it, the voiceover says, "...there is potential for increased brown iris pigmentation." What. The. Heck?!?! This is a substance that can change your eye color. I have nothing against brown eyes--my sister has lovely, big, brown eyes, with thick dark lashes--but I really do have something against using a product that can change a trait that was coded into my DNA. (This does not include colored contacts, by the way. Popping in a contact lens is worlds apart, in my mind, from permanently changing my eye color.)

I would love to have long, thick, black lashes. Mine are light-colored and stick-straight, so the eyelash curler is a necessary part of my morning routine. But, I have kind of grown attached to my physical attributes during my (nearly) 39 years, and I'm not really looking into altering them at this point. (Well. Except for that cellulite problem.) So, I'll keep up my close relationship with the eyelash curler, continue to purchase copious amounts of mascara...and keep my blue eyes, thankyouverymuch. I'll leave the Latisse to Brooke Shields, and we'll see (ha! I kill myself) what happens.


On a completely unrelated note, Once Upon A Blog is having a contest! Jennisa is giving away several different design packages, and I would love to win one. Her work is awesome, and I have always wanted a custom blog design. Take a minute to check out her site! But, don't get your hopes up about the contest, because I'm totally going to win.


JD at I Do Things said...

Oh, my gosh. WHAT? Since when did eyelashes become so important that we're willing to risk changing our eye color to improve them???

My eyes are already brown, so no big whoop, but I tend to agree: I like my DNA the way it is.

Geez, just get fake ones, people!

absepa said...

JD: I think we've run WAY off the rails with the whole beauty thing. Last week, I saw a story on tv about how women are having plastic surgery to get rid of "cankles." It's just nutty.

Anonymous said...

Latisse is applied only to the skin at the base of the lashes--not into the eye directly, as with Lumigan. Used correctly, there is almost zero chance of Latisse changing my blue eyes. I have been using this for 4 months, no problems. Great lashes--try it before you condemn it--you'll love it.

Daisy said...

::shivers:: The possible eyelid skin darkening is a little worrisome, too.

absepa said...

Anonymous: I'm glad Latisse is working for you, and I wish you continued success. But. I'm not comfortable putting anything on or in my eyes except contacts, mascara, and eyedrops, if necessary. Too many possible side effects.

Daisy: I agree! That's just another one of those side effects that I'm trying to avoid. :)

Junk Drawer Kathy said...

So it grows hair then? Can my husband use this for his balding head? I don't want to watch the video. I'm scairt!

"...but I really do have something against using a product that can change a trait that was coded into my DNA." You ain't kiddin' sister.

I stopped using an eye lash curler because I kept pinching my lids with it. So now I just put gobs of mascara on. Works for me.

absepa said...

Kathy: I can't tell if it is supposed to grow hair, or just thicken the hair that is there. Either way--frightening!

I bring myself to tears at least once a week with the eyelash curler pinch, but I still keep using them. Vanity wins out, for now.

cheaptaste said...

I read the fine print in a magazine add for this and had the same thoughts as you. It even said that hair grows wherever it is accidentally spilled.

absepa said...

cheaptaste: Hair grows wherever you spill it?!? That's even scarier!! I'm WAY too clumsy to have stuff like that around. Thanks for commenting!

HeidiJordan said...

Hey all, I use a cosmetic called Revitalash. It is a lash conditioner that helped my lashes grow longer and thicker. It was much less expensive than latisse, is created by an eye doctor, and does not have the nasty side effects of the drug. I love it!!