Monday, August 31, 2009

My baby is growing up!

Happy birthday to Nerd in the Corner! Yes, my little bloggie is a year old. It seems like just yesterday that I created my Blogger account and began my weekly fret about what to write, but that was 108 posts ago. Wow...that seems like a lot of posts. What have I been writing about for the last year, anyway? Let's check back through the old posts and see.

  • In one of my earliest posts on September 3, I made the first reference to my recently-diagnosed strained pectoral muscle. It turns out that it wasn't a strained muscle at all. It still feels like crap, and I ran out of Lortab a long time ago. Advil PM is my new best friend.
  • On October 3, I mined my painful teenage years for laughs, and wrote about one of my (many) horrible gym class experiences. It's kind of a long post; I've learned since then that it's best to keep things short and sweet. It's a pretty funny story, though, despite all of the mental anguish and stuff.
  • On December 14, I explained why the Christmas season makes me kind of Grinch-y. Man, I hate those stupid sexy Santa outfits. Now I can't stop thinking that it will only be another couple of months until I have to endure them again.
  • On January 8, I discussed my lengthy episode of insomnia, and admitted that I have always been a sleepwalker. I still can't sleep very well, but my BFF Advil PM is helping out with that, too. I lurve you, Advil PM!
  • On March 10, I branched out a bit, and offered some tips for elevator etiquette. I know it's bad to hold grudges, but that guy still honks me off.
  • I am a huge fan of 80s music, and I (partlially) explained why on April 11. Yes, I really wanted to marry Prince. And no, I never completely grew out of it.
  • On August 1, I wrote about another one of Mother Nature's little cruelties. I think I may have inadvertently offended a member of the Goth community with this post.
Sometimes, when I write a post, I remember to label it. Except that I forget what labels I have used in the past, so my labeling system is totally spastic. Some of the labels use capital letters, and some don't. I have two different labels for posts about my dogs, and now I can't figure out how to delete one of the labels without deleting the posts that go with it. There are 18 posts labeled "random stuff," while most of the other labels have only one or two posts each. Labeling is definitely one of the areas where I hope to improve in my next year of blogging.

And there will definitely be a next year, because blogging is fun--even though I fuss a lot over what to write about, and sometimes I worry that no one is reading it. I love to think that something I wrote might have made someone laugh, though, and I like to write for myself, too. So, to everyone who has read Nerd in the Corner over the past year, particularly those of you who have left comments and followed me: a million billion thanks! And, to my blogging heroes JD, Kathy, and Jeff: You guys are awesome!! Thanks so much for reading my blog, giving me advice, leaving hilarious comments, and providing a ton of blogging encouragement. If y'all are still blogging in 20 years, I will still be reading your stuff, because you're great, funny writers...AND truly good people.

Here's to Year Two! 


JD at I Do Things said...

Happy birthday, bloggie!

I think I've read all the posts you've listed, but I'll have to go back and reminisce a little. It's always fun to do that. Yeah, 108 posts is a LOT! You've really accomplished something here. You should be very proud of your young blog.

Sarah said...

Woot! Happy blog-i-versary to you!! I totally LOVE the singing hamster. Seriously. He rocks.

Nerds unite! Keep on posting, sistah!

(PS: Why is my word verification 'wookin?' Strange...)

Daisy said...

Happy blogoversary to you!

absepa said...

JD: Thanks! I am kind of proud, but I really want to improve my writing, too. For the next year, I'm going to focus on quality rather than quantity, and try to write at least one really good post a week.

Sarah: Thanks! I liked the little hamster, too, although I didn't create it. Or, um, credit the site where I found it. Oops. I forget to do that a lot.

Daisy: Thanks! I added your blog to my blogroll, so that everybuddy can enjoy your antics with Harley.

Jeff said...

So sorry I missed this post. My feeder was bursting at the seams and now I've finally had a chance to get through it.

So... thank you for the very nice words!

absepa said...

Jeff: You're welcome! View from the Cloud was one of the first blogs I read regularly (along with the Junk Drawer and I Do Things), and I've learned a lot about blogging from reading them.