Wednesday, April 21, 2010

It's time for Doodle-palooza 2010!

Last week, I was hanging out over at Cardiogirl's place, commenting on her post about sidewalk chalk. If you're not reading Cardiogirl...well, why not? She has a lot of funny, insightful, interesting things to say on a wide variety of topics. She posts every day, for cryin' out loud, even though she has three young kids, and several of the terms in her glossary are Seinfeld-based. Anyway, back to the sidewalk chalk post. In my comment, I noted that I am a doodler; Cardiogirl agreed that she, too, loves a good doodle. Since we live a few hundred miles apart and don't have the opportunity to doodle together, CG challenged me to scan and post some of my doodles, which she will replicate on her sidewalk in chalk form, photograph, and post to her blog. How awesome is that?

I should note that all of my doodles are the same shape because I drew them on the blank Saturday and Sunday squares of the division calendar, during my weekly staff meetings at work. Since my boss reads my blog sometimes, I should note that studies have shown that doodling helps you pay attention. So, it may appear that I'm zoning out, but I am actually totally focused on the meeting AND exercising my creative side. Back to the purpose of this post...Cardiogirl, here are some of my doodles. I can't wait to see your chalk interpretations!


cardiogirl said...



Word! I am in Heaven. Your doodles are truly awesome, I didn't expect such design saturation and in color, no less!

You are a Doodle Master and I bow down to your creativity. None of my chalk drawings look anything like that, but I am very, very excited about this challenge and shall take it seriously.

I do need to hose off the canvas and wait for it dry but I will be all over this like white on rice, gingah.

Naturally I'll email you when the side-by-sides are ready.

Thanks so much for taking the challenge -- let the games begin!

absepa said...

Aw, thanks! I love to draw, but can't draw anything that looks like an actual thing, so I do intricate doodles. I can't wait to see your chalk drawings--this is so much fun!

Kathy said...

Oooo! I love the doodle-off! I'm partial to the purpley one since purple is my very favoritest color. Your art looks like, well... art!

Cardiogirl is one of my favorite bloggers. How DO you do it, CG? I can barely get a post up every third day and I am kidless. She puts us all to shame.

CG, I bet you don't even know that you are the first blog I subscribed to. You and JD. I know I've brought this up before, but absepa may not know that we met on JD's blog 3 years ago while submitting our entries for her haiku contest.

Absepa, I'd venture a guess that we met, too, at JD's place. Do you remember where we first connected?

JD at I Do Things said...

I love cardiogirl and I love doodles and I love YOUR doodles. They are doodle-icious! I can't wait to see cardiogirl's chalk rendition of these masterpieces.

absepa said...

Kathy: Thanks! I remember reading about the haiku contest in JD's archives, but I didn't know that you and Cardiogirl participated. You and I did connect through I Do Things. I read one of JD's quotes on Blogtations, then checked out her blog, then her blogroll. That's what led me to The Junk Drawer. I spent weeks reading through all of the archives.

JD: Thanks! I just love that CG came up with this--it's so much fun.

cardiogirl said...

Sweep the Leg, this was a treat for a Monday morning -- a CG love fest!

I'm disappointed to report that I have only created and photographed three doodles thus far. But they are fierce and it was a blast creating them.

Unfortunately it rained on Saturday and Sunday and it's raining as I speak. Naturally, we're supposed to have sunny skies tomorrow when Emily is home from school. I've had to hold her off of my chalk doodles because she wants to help color them in.

Step off, little girl. I'm creating art here.

Kathy I had no idea -- I'm walking on air! That fact has become one of my favorite things and next time someone pisses me off I'm going to think of that instead of simmering with rage.

Thanks! It's been three years since the trifecta (you, JD and me) came together? I remember the haiku contest well. That was fun.

JD I'm thinking about doing a chalk doodles to go with one of my posts. It's going to be difficult, but I have a huge driveway so I think I might have to give it a try.

absepa said...

CG: Glad we could get your Monday off to a good start! I think it's too cool that you, Kathy, and JD have been blogging buddies for so long. They have both been so supportive of me, I just can't tell them how much I appreciate it.

I would love to see a chalk doodle illustration for one of your posts! Can you draw low tops? :)