Thursday, April 15, 2010

Warning: This post could be even less coherent than usual

A few months ago, I made a promise to my blog readers to update more regularly and, for the most part, I've stuck to it. So, I'm going to beg off tonight, because I'm not sure I can string more than two sentences together. Here's a brief recap of my day--for extra fun, see if you can spot the parts that left me in this wrecked, depleted state:

  • Arise at 4:45 am, as usual on weekdays, even though I won't be working
  • Deprive Sebastian dog of food and water, in preparation for his tooth cleaning and other procedures
  • Drive hungry, thirsty, confused animal to the vet; gently console while navigating through morning rush-hour traffic
  • Pick husband up; drop off at work
  • Embark on a 45-mile round-trip errand extravaganza
  • Arrive back at home; immediately head outside to mow the yard (front and back)--it was hot
  • Talk to vet about Sebastian's procedures while in the shower, cleaning up from lawn-mowing (sorry, Dr. Rauth!)
  • A break! Lunch, check email, take a blessed half-hour nap
  • Leave to pick up Sebastian dog; note, with dismay, how heavy the traffic is already at 4 pm
  • Spend over an hour in crawling, brake-every-ten-feet rush hour traffic with a wigged-out, post-op, hungry/thirsty/whiny dog
  • Contemplate several acts of bodily harm
  • Arrive at home, finally; feed dogs, feed self; hello, wine bottle my old friend!
And now I'm just knackered, which is why there's no post tonight. I will leave you with one treat, though:

Sigh. His name is Laurence Fox, and he plays the enigmatic Detective Sergeant Hathaway on the BBC detective series Lewis. It's a great show, Mr. Fox is absolutely yummy, and I intend to spend the rest of the evening enjoying it. Thanks for your patience.


cardiogirl said...

When dealing with that type of traffic I always wish I had a paddle board filled with curse words so I could flip to the word I need and then put it in my window to express my feelings of frustration.

Also, it because I don't want my kids to learn those words from me. It's best that they pick them on on the playground, you know?

absepa said...

cardiogirl: I've always wished I could have a mobile LED billboard in my car, to display messages to the other drivers. I would love to put up a message like, "I'm totally calling the cops on you for cutting me off, jerkwad." It would be so satisfying.

JD at I Do Things said...

Helloooooo, Mr. Fox! Very nice.

Dealing with vet appointments is extremely stressful. I don't have far to drive, but I get so upset on behalf of my cats. Once I had to stand and watch while they pulled a rotting tooth from our beloved Simone's mouth. She didn't feel a thing -- it was that far gone. I practically fainted.

You deserved that wine, for sure.

absepa said...

JD: Rationally, I know that getting upset when we go to the vet doesn't make the dogs any calmer, but I can't help it. We used to have sedatives for them--maybe I'm the one who needs a Valium!