Monday, October 11, 2010

Now appearing in a nightmare near me

There's a lot going on in my corner right now, so I've been a bit pressed for time to write. I was going to do just that, though, about the photo below. Until I realized that a simple recounting of the conversation that this photo inspired might be funnier than any narrative I could write. First, some background. Mr. Nerd and I were sitting in traffic, on the way home from work. The photo is of an ad that appears on the back ends of some of our local buses. Of course, since I think it's bizarre and terrifying, I wanted to share it with you. So I asked Mr. Nerd (who always carries a camera) to take this photo:

Oh, hai!

Me: Can you take a photo of that bus, please?
Mr. Nerd: Sure, why?
Me: Because it's terrifying, and I want to write about it on my blog.
Mr. Nerd: You know, you're right. That freaky guy looks like he's peeping over the headboard or something. Like that view of him is the last thing you'd see before he murdered you in your sleep.
Me: Exactly! And, thanks for putting that image in my head.
Mr. Nerd: (sounding extremely satisfied with himself): You're gonna have nightmares now, aren't you?
Me: (shudder) I think the nostrils are the worst part.

So, what do you think? Terrifying? Or am I too sensitive? Are the nostrils the worst part?


Jewelielyn said...

yes!! in what universe would a business owner think that this was a good idea?!?! how on earth would an ad agency convince someone that this horrific image would sell tires?!?!? and would i ever consider riding one of these buses again?!?!? all i can say is, yikes!!! well, clearly that is not all i can say--but thanks for sharing :)

cardiogirl said...

I didn't even catch what the ad was for until I read Jewelielyn's comment.

Love the title of the photo (gaaah take it away) and Mr. Nerd nailed that.

Yes. That's exactly it:

"Like that view of him is the last thing you'd see before he murdered you in your sleep."

Strangely enough, when I clicked on the photo and then used the magnifying glass to enlarge it he didn't seem so bad. And his nostrils are nowhere near symmetrical. That guy has a deviated septum, I'm sure of it.

Karen R. said...

Okay. Creepy, yes. But, misplaced ad, as far as I am concerned. Shouldn't this ad be INSIDE the bus, so the people who are riding the bus because their car is not "on the road", could see where to take it for repair?
Those behind the bus, are obviously in cars that work, or they wouldn't be behind the bus reading this creepy ad. Am I making sense?

absepa said...

Jewelielyn: I can't figure out what made the business owners think that was a good idea. Although it *is* memorable.

Cardiogirl: Totally with you on the deviated septum. If that is a photo of an actual person, he needs to book an appointment with an ENT--ASAP.

Karen R.: You know, I didn't even think about that! The ad would be more appropriate for the folks who weren't currently sitting in functioning cars. Very observant on your part. :)

absepa said...

cg, again: Thanks again for the whole pop-up box thing. Now it's much easier to look at everyone's comments so I can write my responses. Much more convenient!