Thursday, June 3, 2010

Maybe I can hire him as a bunnyguard

Wow. I just realized that it is Thursday, and I haven't blogged yet this week. I'm so dog-tired that I just ate dinner (pizza, courtesy of Domino's) in my PJs, so it looks like it's random time. Here are a few thoughts for the end of this short (and yet oh-so-long) week.

  • If you work outside your home, have you noticed an unusually large amount of water on the sink in the office restroom? One of my coworkers stopped by my desk this afternoon to point out the big, wet stripe across her abdomen, incurred when she leaned against the sink. What could cause a massive puddle on a sink where people only wash their hands? Do ducks sneak into the restroom and paddle around in the sinks? Because I refuse to believe that humans could splash that much water, then refuse to wipe it up...particularly when they should already have paper towels in their hands from washing.
  • I have, in the past several days, bitten my cheek repeatedly in the exact same spot, and cut the same place on my calf each morning when I was shaving my legs. Apparently pain and/or blood is not enough to make me remember to be more careful when chewing and shaving.
  • We have the most incredibly bold rabbits in my neighborhood. It's a massive, new-ish subdivision, with kids and cars and dogs all over the place. Living amongst all these threats, the rabbits must have gotten streetwise or something. We pulled into the driveway this afternoon, and there was a bunny lying in the front yard, just hanging out in the shade. I pulled further forward, and further still, and the bunny just...didn't move. Mr. Nerd got out of the car to shoo him off (I was afraid he would get scared and bolt under the car. [The bunny, not Mr. Nerd. Although he does say that my driving terrifies him.]) The bunny still didn't move! Mr. Nerd had to physically stand over him, and then he hopped off rather nonchalantly, I thought. Sometimes I wonder if one of these little toughies might run right into the house when I open the front door. Three dogs + one rabbit + indoors = Very Bad. 
That seems to be the sum total of what's rattling around in my head tonight, except for a plea for opinions from my bloggy friends. I am interested in exploring the possibility of migrating my blog to Wordpress, and I would like to hear from anyone who has been through that experience. Was it difficult? Did you have any major problems? Is Wordpress easier to use than Blogger? Harder? My HTML skills are very limited, and I don't know the first thing about CSS and stuff, so I am a little nervous at the thought of migrating. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Have a good weekend, and watch out for tough bunnies.


Puglette said...

hello! i too have wondered about the water on public / workplace bathroom counters. i usually try to wipe it up but sometimes it's a major undertaking. how does a quarter inch of water cover the counter? i have been in restrooms where others have been washing up at the same time, they are not having water WTF!?!

you bunny issue is good and bad. good because they are so cute but bad because they will get hurt. several years ago hubby and i were walking along a lovely trail in oregon with our two dogs. hubby had assured me that they would be ok without their leashes. but no...our small dog darted off the trail and within seconds had killed a small rabbit. i was horrified! shocked and in grief, i could not let my dog sit next to me for the rest of our vacation.

and i have no advice about the blog issues. i have heard people say they like wordpress and i think the wordpress blogs can look nice. but that is the extent of my meager knowledge.
here's to a restful weekend!

cardiogirl said...

That sounds like one street-wise gangsta bunny. I haven't seen a free roaming bunny around these parts in a very long time. But when I do see one it feels like I hit the jackpot.

I use WordPress and I love it! You must switch over and when you do, you'll have threaded comments which are awesome! Let me know if you have any specific questions.

When I switched I used because I bought a domain name rather than sign up for a site. I had to cut and paste all of my posts, but I think there's an option to import your posts from Blogger. I think.

I say go for it!

absepa said...

Puglette: Our Abby dog killed a rabbit a few summers ago, right in front of me. It was horrible. I know it's her nature, so I try not to get upset with her, but I hate it when she kills things. Except spiders. :)

cardiogirl: Thanks for the Wordpress advice! I really appreciate it. I dread switching, but there are so many reasons I want to. I paid for my custom template last year (and I really like it), but I don't know how to alter it. I would like to add to my blogroll and put up a Tribal Blogs button...not being able to do that is frustrating.

JD at I Do Things said...

Whenever my mom uses my bathroom, there's a ton of water all over the counter. I don't get it. I NEVER splash water when I use the faucet. It's really annoying.

I'd love it if a bunny jumped through our back door. First, I would love a bunny as a pet. Second, it would freak out Gus and Pru.

(Love the correct use of brackets!)

absepa said...

JD: My husband used to get water all over the counter, too...instead of drying off his hands with a towel, he would just shake them. Drove me crazy.

Thanks for giving me the editor's seal of approval on the brackets! I wasn't completely sure if I was using them correctly, but I was too tired to look it up. Yay!