Thursday, June 17, 2010

Dear footwear industry, you've done it again

First, it was the floot, a fugly flip-flop/ankle boot hybrid. Then, a couple of days ago, my sharp-eyed aunt, K, found a link to this abomination:

It's made by Sanuk, and it's called the Tubeflop.  Here's a brief description from their website:

"Light and breathable sock connected to footbed through molded channel. Strap is feminine and soft."

So, it's a flip-flop...connected to a tube sock. Call me crazy, but I thought the primary purpose of knee socks was to keep you warm. I know some people live in parts of the country where you can be outside for more than 2.4 seconds without bursting into flames, but it's hot as all get-out here, y'all. You know what I think about when I look at Tubeflops? I think about how hot and itchy and gross my sweaty calves would be after wearing those things for about three minutes. If they're intended for people who live in cooler climates, they're still dumb. My feet are always freezing in cold weather. What good would it do me to have toasty-warm calves while my piddies were getting frostbitten?

I've been thinking a lot about this craze for bizarre shoes, and I think I know who is behind it all:

Remember this guy? I'm guessing the haberdashery business has suffered a lot in the last few decades, and Mr. Hatter was looking for some work. He turned his attentions to footwear-he's mad, remember-and the result is the Tubeflop. But, because I am a giver, I'm going to give him some career counseling. I'm pretty sure I've thought of the perfect employer to match his skill set:

Lady Gaga is clearly not afraid to take a few fashion risks, and shoes and hats are essential pieces of her crazy get-ups. I think the Mad Hatter could have a long and illustrious career designing her gear...and then the rest of us consumers would not have to suffer whatever he thinks up next. See? Perfect match.


Puglette said...

oy! that is so silly!! here in the lovely pacific northwest, summer has yet to make an appearance. i am bummed because i have new sandals waiting for me. but i am not now, nor will i ever be, cold enough to wear this idiotic contraption.

i really don't like the whole toe thing with flip flops, they irritate me, literally. and while i have worn socks with sandals it was done to hide bandaids.

i say none of this wishy washy sock flop thing, make a stand. either wear your flip flops or your socks with proper shoes. not both in an ugle combination.
thanks for sharing! i needed the giggle.

Stacie's Madness said...

lmfao...that is hysterical.

absepa said...

Puglette: Hear, hear! I think that's one of my biggest complaints about these goofy shoes--they're wishy-washy. Just be one or the other, already!

Stacie's Madness: I'm guessing they'll be all the rage soon. Good grief.

cardiogirl said...

I hate flip flops, as you may know, so any incarnation is wrong and deplorable.

Oh Lord. I just thought of this. Somewhere, some designer is going to create removable socks in different colors for this thing.


I did enjoy the name however -- the Tubeflop.

Lastly, when I read "It's made by Sanuk, and it's called the Tubeflop," I thought it said, "It's made by SKANK, and it's called the Tubeflop."