Friday, September 26, 2008

Hello? Is Anyone Out There?

Our home network has been down for the past couple of days, so I may not get to post over the weekend unless Husband can isolate the problem. Here are some random thoughts for the end of the week:
  • You know your house is really filthy when you're actually looking forward to cleaning it. I positively hate dirty bathrooms.
  • I have had some kind of weird cold/allergy/sinus thing going on for a while now. It ruined the past three Saturdays by making me feel rotten and exhausted, and I am really tired of it. In fact, that's why the house is so cruddy...I haven't felt like cleaning it.
  • TV is really messing with me. I haven't watched any network shows regularly since I got bored with CSI a few seasons ago. At the end of the last season of Dancing with the Stars, I kind of got interested in it, and decided that I would watch it this season. It's a fun show, and I'm really enjoying it. That being said, I have also discovered Fox's new show, Fringe, which is just awesome. And, of course, I must watch my fella Mike Rowe on Dirty Jobs. So, for the first time in about 10 years, I actually have lots of good stuff to watch on TV. What's the problem, you ask? THEY'RE ALL ON AT THE SAME TIME, that's the problem. And we're way too cheap to have tivo or DVR. It's just not right to force a girl to choose between Mike Rowe and anything else.
  • As far as DWTS goes, I'm rooting for Lance Bass and/or Misty May-Treanor; The Husband seems to have developed a violent crush on Kim Kardashian. I think she's the only thing that kept him from running screaming from the room during the last show. (He's been forced to watch TV with me, since he can't get online to play his games.) He actually made it through two complete episodes, which indicates either 1) he was really bored without Internet access, or 2) the lure of Kim Kardashian in a skimpy outfit is pretty strong. We'll see if he tunes in on Monday.
  • The major part of my job involves attending Planning Commission meetings, taking notes, and transcribing those notes, plus an audio recording, into a set of minutes. We had an 8 1/2 hour meeting in August--and I had to relive every moment of it. It took me a month to finish the minutes, and I am SO relieved to have that monkey off my back.
Well, I guess I should wrap up, since I'm technically supposed to be working. Here's hoping that we have Internet access at home before Monday.

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