Friday, September 12, 2008

Hooray for Friday!

This has been a LONG week. Butt-smokin busy all week, some VERY crabby emails from the boss, a couple of large work screw-ups, and a downright hellish day on Thursday. Plus, the Husband has contracted some kind of Bubonic Plague-cold that's had him shlumping around the house like a zombie. But! I get to go home at 4:00 (no overtime allowed), and we have a pretty light schedule for Saturday. We were planning to go wander around at Raven Run, but the forecast is for rain and 86 degrees. I don't really mind the rain if I'm already grubbing around outside anyway, but I doubt that Husband wants to be out in that heat with his cold, and I don't blame him. So I'm not sure what we'll get into.

I finally made a start on sewing the new purse, but I realized that sewing is one of the things that really hurts the strained pectoral muscle. It only took about 1/2 hour at the machine the other night to make me run for the Tylenol PM bottle. Maybe I should dose up on the Tylenol PM to keep the shoulder from hurting, then sew like a fiend until I pass out? Of course, my sewing is not the greatest anyway, I can't even imagine what kind of cracked-out quilting I would do if I was high on Tylenol PM. The only bad thing about sewing my own purse is that I want to switch purses NOW, and it will probably take me at least another couple of weeks to finish.

Off to finish up the last couple hours of my work week. I'll be sure to post the fascinating details of how the most boring couple in the world spent their Saturday.

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