Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Was I Supposed to Post Something?

Oh, that's right. I promised a summary of our fascinating weekend. The Husband was still under the weather, so I did all the yard work Saturday morning. Three hours of strained-shoulder-muscle-torturing fun. We are out of line for the weedeater, so I trimmed ALL the way around the back yard fence with the little garden shears. (I think if I did that more often my hinder might be in better shape; all that bending is murder on the butt.) I was pretty much done in after that, but the yard looked pretty good. Now we just need a couple of days of nice, soaking rain to keep our little landscaping investments alive until winter. Someday, I'll post the story of the week of vacation we took to work in the back yard--or the Bataan Death March of Landscaping, as I like to call it.

Sunday was church, lunch, and church again for choir and drama practice, then massive culinary failure. I was supposed to make a dish to bring to our work lunch on Monday, so I found a cobbler recipe in the church cookbook that looked easy and tasty. It was one of those deals where you put the batter in the pan first, and the fruit on top, and the batter "comes up" over the fruit, somehow, when it bakes. I had some doubts about the process going into it, and it turns out I was right. Even though I followed the recipe to the letter, it was a huge FAIL. The batter never "came up," even after more than two hours of baking. I ended up with a pan of hot fruit, covering about an inch of doughy batter. I don't cook much, but I do a fair amount of baking, and I had never had a recipe just...not work before. It was pretty depressing, and I went to bed late because of it. Luckily, we had plenty of desserts for the lunch, so it turned out to be no big deal.

Let's see...anything else? Well, I found a new TV show that I like. Anyone who knows me is aware that I have basically given up on television in recent years, except for Dirty Jobs and Mythbusters on the Discovery Channel. However, I am willing to admit publicly, on this blog, to liking the new show Fringe on Fox. Husband and I watched the pilot during the cobbler debacle on Sunday night, and the first regular episode last night, and it's really good. (BTW, I realize that this blog can hardly be considered "public," since I'm pretty sure no one reads it. But the Husband and I are basically hermits, so this is about as public as I get.) The show is intense, and kind of creepy, and funny in spots, and I will definitely continue to give it a shot as long as it maintains that level of quality.

Part of the difficulty I have with blogging is that I never know how to end my posts. Do I say goodbye? Peace out? Maybe I should come up with some kind of tagline. We'll see. Anyway, goodbye and peace out for now.


Geoff and Holly said...

Can I just say that you crack me up!!! I love reading your posts!!! I have to agree with you on ways of ending posts, sometimes I just sign my that enough...not sure....see here I am not knowing how to!! : )

Ames said...

Oh Steph, I miss you! You haven't changed a bit. I love reading your blogs. Hope your weekend goes better than last weekend. You will never catch me out there doing the yard work. I don't care if it grows up past where I can't walk, I'm not doing it. It would be a disaster.